Bus Duct


Star Electro Fabrication supplies a high quality bus duct to meet high quality standards. Conductor bars are made fixed with insulation to form an assembly known as Bus duct. Bus duct can be used for big switchgear connection or to provide power supply into buildings and large offices. The main advantage of using Bus duct is that we can add a branch or remove a branch circuit without removing the voltage from whole duct.

Bus duct may have different phase conductors in the non-isolated bus, or may have each conductor separated by grounded barrier which is called segregated bus.

The broad specifications of Power control center Panels are:



Segregated, non segregated or interleaved

Max. Rated Current


Upto 6000 Amp. 50 KA

Type of Test Performed at CPRI

Short circuit test to withstand 65KA Temp. rise

System Voltage


30 V, 110 V, 440V, 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV.

Ambient Temperature


50 oC



Power distribution  - for Generators / Transformers.


NB:  Testing at CPRI can be arranged on Request at additional cost.